Bowel cancer symptoms

Bowel Cancer

What is Bowel Cancer?

Bowel cancer is a general term that is used that describes cancer that begins in the large bowel. Bowel cancer is an abnormal growth of cells and can develop when cells in the bowel divide without control. bowel cancer can sometimes be referred to as colon cancer, or rectal cancer.

What causes of bowel cancer?

Exactly what causes cancer to develop in the bowel are still unknown. But certain cause can be identified. These include :

  • Age, around 80 percent of bowel cancer cases develop in people who are 60 years or over.
  • Having a family history of bowel cancer.
  • Alcohol misuse.
  • Hard smoking.
  • Eating a high fat diet.
  • Bowel condition such as ulcerative colitis or crohn’s disease.
  • Obesity.

You can reduce your risk of developing bowel cancer actually by:

  • Stopped smoking.
  • Stopped using alcohol.
  • Having a healthy diet.
  • Maintaining a healthy weight.
  • Taking regular exercise.

What symptoms of Bowel Cancer?

Bowel cancer in some cases there are symptoms that might a person to believe they have bowel cancer. it is important to know what symptoms there are around bowel cancer so you can see a physician if you want to develop it.

The initial symptoms of bowel cancer include:

  • Abdominal pain.
  • Unexplained weight loss.
  • A change to your normal bowel habits that persists for more than six weeks, such as constipation, diarrhea, or passing stools more frequently than usual.
  • Blood in your stools.

As bowel cancer progresses, it can sometimes cause bleeding inside the bowel which lastly will mean that your body will not have enough red blood cells. This is known as anemia. Symptoms of anemia include fatigue and breathlessness.


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